on aired Feb.15, 2004 @ TBS


" Inochi no Hibiki "

Actor Viggo Mortensen 

Hello, my name is Viggo Mortensen.


"The Lord of The Rings"


It' t a story about fighting evil and fighting the weakness in all of us.


One of the reasons this is such a great story is that all of the characters no matter how heroic they might be are flawed in some way.


All have doubts and obstacles to overcome.


I think that everyone has some sort of doubt, some kind of fear,


the question is whether as individuals we admit that.


I have moments every day where I am not sure of myself


and I think that's healthy.


" I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me "


What is the effect of what I've just said - or what I've done or what I'm thinking about doing or saying -


- going to be on others.


Is this the right thing to do?


We often don't get a clear answer.


Maybe you get one later on and its clearer or maybe you never do,


but just being in the habit of asking the question of yourself is,


I think, a good thing.


And the next question is ...


One way to do it, is to look for help, to admit that you need help,


to rely on your companions,


to try to make connections with others.


We are all connected.



special thanks: ambersand

arranged by Eriko

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